Nailin Paylin Star, Lisa Ann Talks Lebron James, Porn and ummm..Ron Jeremy!

Lisa Ann, the sexy adult star with a personality to match her stunning beauty spent some time with us at while in New York City. In between laughter, changing of high heel shoes and an assortment of dresses that so nicely complimented her curves for the photo shoot, she opened up about everything from working with new adult star Amy Fisher, whom she says has “a rocking body, beautiful face and personality”, the Naylin Palin tape, Lebron James and even Ron Jeremy! Now, if you’re not familiar with who Lisa Ann is then we’re going to fill you in on the Naylin Palin star.

On August 24th, 2010 we bumped into Lisa Ann in Las Vegas and realized right away that her adult “skills” wasn’t the only good thing about this stunning adult star. They say, a first impression can go a long way and this first impression lead us to our second planned meeting in New York City for a photo shoot and interview months later, here Lisa Ann stunned us with her sexy possess, while implying sex with her eyes and eh em… assets!
Lisa Ann worked with a plethora of stars but when asked who she would like to work with she had no qualms with bluntly saying “Lebron James” and continued by saying “I would be the full time Water Girl for Lebron James” but when asked who she would NOT work with she just as quickly said “Ron Jeremy”. Guess a young stud athlete living in a sexy city like Miami has a much better chance at getting Lisa Ann then……Ron Jeremy. An avid sports fan, she tries not to miss basketball games that she is highly interested in seeing. In fact when looking for a guy she says “I love a man who likes Sports, has a good sense of humor, and can have fun and not take life too seriously”. Event the most serious man in the world will tap his funny bone in order to loosen up for Lisa Ann, we’re sure about that.
Now, we’ve all heard of the Nailin Palin role she played but many don’t know the origins of how that role landed in her lap. “Huslter asked if I would partake in a little fun with Pailin, by playing her in the Nailin Pailin series. I was a little concerned it was a very risky situation, due to the Political Awareness and the amount of attention I immediately received when we started the talks of the movies” she says. Aren’t we happy she did it. Arguably her most notable adult role in a career that has her tackling the best adult stars in the bedroom, she shared with us who she likes most. To nobodies surprise Lisa Ann said “My Top Stars- Nikki Benz, Nikki Benz, Nikki Benz hahahah.. I love the Benz!” and to add to that she continued with a list of stars such as “Teagan Presley, Andi Sandimas, oooooohh there are so many, Monique Alexander etc etc. there are soo many…. BOYS! I LOVE BOYS! Where can I start.. Johnny Sins, CJ Wright, James Deen, Sean Michaels, Mic Blue, Manuel, Prince” and the list goes on and on.
With a huge catalog that most adult stars would sit back and relax on she isn’t stopping where she is. Lisa Ann has upcoming films for Wicked Pictures, Country Club Cougars, and she also “adding new stuff on”. To top it all off Lisa now has her own Sirius Radio Show called “Lisa Ann’s Stripper Town” which airs every Tuesday Night from 11pm to 1am pst on Sirius 108/ XM 248.
For everybody looking at these sexy images of Lisa Ann wishing they could have just 2 minutes of her she has something to tell you, “My sex life would be like a Maserati… Unique, Fast and always ready to go….” Catch Up!


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