LISA Ann on Howard Stern Show

They had been taking about it on the show for weeks (prior to their extended vacation) and finally this morning SiriusXM radio had porn star Lisa Ann on the Howard Stern Show. Lisa Ann had been in the studio a few times before, but her latest visit was sparked by staffer J.D. Harmeyer’s infatuation with her. Howard tried to get J.D. “hooked up” by using the power of the show.

According to Lisa Ann, she and J.D. appeared to already have a texting relationship, but the two had never met before. As Howard tried to push Lisa towards having sex with J.D., she resisted and would not commit to anything further than being in the “friend zone” with him.

Before she left the studio Lisa Ann suggested they make a bet where if J.D. won, he would be able to have sex with her. The only thing she could come up with on the spot was to have a one-day fantasy football league where if J.D. won, he could seal the deal. He reluctantly agreed. I’m sure we will hear more about that in the weeks to come.


Porn Queen Lisa Ann, whom you may remember from her breakout performance as Sarah Palin in “Nailin’ Paylin”, stopped by today to bare all to Howard.
Lisa claims that she had sex with Chris Brown – before he beat up Rihanna – and that he is very, very well-endowed.
Not quite as huge, though, as another famous guy she claims to have banged: basketball player and talk show host John Salley – he’s the only guy who’s bigger than Mandingo, according to Lisa, who used most of her arm to illustrate just how impressive he was. “I actually had to stop and take a picture.”
Lisa doesn’t absolutely need an enormous c*ck, she’ll settle for six inches and an emotional connection.

  •  Started stripping when she was 16 years old
  •  Lisa had her first gang-bang at 17 years old (but was dissapointed by the guys' performances - they talked a big game but got scared. Lisa described the gang-bang as a 'failure')
  •  Back to her alleged tryst with John Salley - she was only able to get 1/8th of his penis inside her and a blow job was 'out of the question'.
  •  Lisa once turned down $200,000 for sex, because she won't have sex for money. (Yes, we know she gets paid to have sex on film, but she said that's 'different').


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