Lisa Ann Interview

Lisa Ann is a woman of few words, at least few words that include consonants.  A self-described “mattress actress”, nobody hires Lisa Ann for the great stuff that comes OUT of her mouth.  But in this clip I find what she says irresistible.   She talks about playing “Serra Paylin” in a series of porn parodies satirizing a certain former Alaska governor, and how it “broke the wall. ” The parody, “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” got a good amount of attention and for what it is, has made OK money.  Lisa Ann says it allowed people to see her not a “just a porn star” but someone interesting, with stuff to say and contributions to make to politics and the broader culture… who just happens to be a porn star.  She seems sweet, nice, vulnerable and very, very human.  Hardly like that former Republican candidate at all.

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